Thursday, October 2, 2008

Necessity of Baptism

In my "Early Church and Its Creeds" class yesterday, our topic of discussion centered upon baptism; and after looking at all the major biblical passages concerning baptism, my professor, Dr. Christianson (whom most of you would love) made a comment that bears further thought.  He said:

"Whether or not baptism is necessary for salvation, it is necessary for the assurance of salvation."


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SES said...

I think Dr. C (God bless his soul!) is right on. Even the means of baptism - so tactile with all of the water and all of the Word - is designed for the needs of humanity. It provides us with the blessed assurance that we need on a daily basis that God has claimed us and redeemed us not because we merit it but simply because God loves us. I keep my baptismal cloth (an antique now, from way back in 1966!) by my desk as a further reminder. I treasure it for all that it represents - both the promises made by a faithful God and the promises made that day by a wonderful congregation.