Friday, August 15, 2008

Anticipating Sunday School: John Edwards

For those who may not know, each week our adult Sunday School class takes one of the significant news stories of the week and discusses it in the context of a Christian faith and worldview (the curriculum we use is from The Wired Word).  It often generates stimulating conversation while causing each of us to consider more deeply the events of the world and our daily lives in the context of Christ and his Kingdom.

I'm anticipating that this week's topic will center around John Edwards.  To that end, an article (ALERT:  adult themes) I read this morning was stimulating because it begs the question:  Why are we so upset about all this?  The author asks us to look critically at our culture and its mores and taboos, and she sees in them the seeds of infidelity not just for John Edwards, but for all of us.  Yet the condemnation we so freely lavish on Edwards is so seldom directed towards the culture that encourages such behavior, or the normal people that behave in the exact same way.  If your time is short, read the final paragraph.  Powerful stuff, and scary.

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